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Growing up existing between two cultures created an area of in-betweenness, of partially belonging while simultaneously not being enough. Having an immigrant, Ecuadorian father, and a White mother while growing up in the Midwest has created uncertainty about my cultural identity. My artwork is a narrative of my bicultural identity and explores cultural identity through beauty, family dynamics, and doubt through my lived experiences. Through photography, I create narratives to bring complex topics of biculturalism such as gender roles, fetishization, stereotypes, and generational trauma to light. I demonstrate the confusion I experience while simultaneously claiming my identity by questioning what it means to be Latina.


Sabrina is a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an additional major in Spanish. With a bold, colorful style and a love for flashy aesthetics, Sabrina is passionate about creating stories with images revolving around femininity and culture through photography. Sabrina is pursuing commercial and editorial photography outside her conceptual work and is open to collaborating with other artists or companies of all styles.

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